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Gluten Free Living in Texas

A Place to Give and Get Advice on All Things GF

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A Place to Give and Seek Advice for GF Issues
This comm is primarily for gluten free members living in Texas, though membership is open to all. Members are encouraged to post their favorite places to get gluten free food, information about special gluten free events happening, favorite gluten free recipes, and ask and answer questions about living gluten free.

Those who are not gluten free but know someone who is and would like to learn more about it are also encouraged to join, especially if you are going to prepare a gluten free meal for someone and need advice. As stated above those in areas besides Texas are welcome, though it will be a mainly Texas comm. (Visiting Texas perhaps?)

NEW MEMBERS: please follow the intro tag and post an intro with that format so everyone can get to know each other. Feel free to use a fake name if you are worried about putting your real name on the internet, but please give us something to use to identify you. Also please tag your entries, and make new tags as you see fit for your entries.

This comm deals with gluten sensitivity/intolerance/celiac disease and will such deal with issues of a personal and sometimes embarrassing nature. Members must not ridicule anyone for posting such related issues here. This needs to be a safe place to get or share advice, and we can't have that if people make members feel embarrassed for doing so. *Members- if you notice a problem with another member being inappropriate, please message me with the member's name and the post in question.