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In South Texas, tamales are the traditional Christmas meal. Some families get together and make their own, but a lot of us just buy them from someone else. I buy mine from the family of a friend. He lets me choose which ingredients to omit to make it the best for us. Typically, tamales are made from corn meal, lard, pork, and spices. I have to substitute turkey for pork, but the rest fits my GFCF diet!

What do you plan to do for the next big traditional meal?


Four diets I've tried dovetail nicely: Eat Right 4 Your Type (Type O), Gluten-Free/Casein-Free (GFCF), Atkins, and now, the Candida Diet. The Candida Diet can conform to either of the previous, but it is far more restrictive. Does anyone have experience with Candidaitis? Basically, what I'm allowed to eat are green leafy vegetables and meat. Sounds like Atkins Phase 1 without getting dairy, vinegar, or any cured meats. Talk about restrictive! I'll be glad when I can proceed to the next stage in the Candida Diet! I get an expanded vegetable list and a bean or two! Stage three, I get yogurt, (if I can handle it).
My cousin has had issues with his stomach all his life, and development.  He just tested negative for celiac he did have a gene that predisposed him to it - and my aunt is now trying to get him to go gluten free to see if it helps.  I am convinced it will (given my experiences and what I know of his symptoms) the only problem is that he is an extremely picky 10 year old eater.

I know there are gluten free options for things like noodles but I am afraid he won't like the texture or flavor.  

Do you have any suggestions I can pass along on how to make this diet friendly for a stubborn kid?


Chuy's Queso, yum!

So how is everyone? Everything's kind of died down since we were featured on the spotlight, but I hope we can keep this comm going. I went to my old fave for tex mex this weekend- Chuy's and was told by the chef (at the Westhiemer location in Houston, I wouldn't assume this is the same for all Chuy's locations without calling to confirm first) that the queso is gluten free! I was thrilled and we ate there for lunch and dinner, haha. It was great. Any other Chuy's lovers out there?

I still haven't tried the Houston Gluten Free Bakery yet, it looks good but the prices are a little more than I want to spend right now. I will at some point. Anyone else tried it? Liked it/hated it?

How did everyone's gluten free Thanksgiving go?

GF at Work

I just started a new job as a receptionist a few weeks ago. Mostly I love this job and everyone has been really nice, except they've all been really weird about my gluten intolerance. I don't expect them to learn all about gluten intolerances or even care, but they've all had a reaction that I'm 'weird'. Many of them have made scrunched up faces when I tell them about it as if I had said I chose to not wear clothes or something.

Also several of them have a weird perception of food allergies; for instance I was invited to lunch with a group and they kept asking 'what I would eat that day' meaning, would I chose to eat gluten? Once is ok but after I told them that I can't ever have gluten and would not they kept saying 'oh she doesn't want to eat gluten today so we have to go somewhere where she can eat' in annoyed tones. They also compared me having a gluten intolerance to be the same as someone in the office who 'doesn't like peas' and therefore doesn't eat them, and to someone who 'prefers green tea' and therefore brings in green tea so that she can drink it. Wtf?

I'm getting very annoyed because this is a common topic of discussion now and it's getting me a lot of unwanted negative attention. I never bring it up if I don't need to, but everyone else does and talks about my intolerance in really rude and sarcastic ways. They've clearly never known anyone who had a serious allergy and I don't want to make a large deal about it by telling them that it is actually pretty serious.

What you you all do? Say nothing and hope the 'hype' dies down or tell my coworkers that it's a serious allergy and ask that they stop talking about it so cavalierly (but said nicer than that)?


So what is everyone doing for Thanksgiving? If you're cooking will it be an all gluten free feast? If you're going to someone's house will they be making gluten free food or will you have to bring your own? Anyone deciding to indulge in gluten for the meal?

Hubby and I are going to eat with my family, and they will be making gluten free stuffing, making sure the turkey is okay as well as several veggie and also fruit sides are okay for me, and at least one dessert. They rock!

Anyone feeling anxious or overwhelmed at the though of a gluten free Thanksgiving?


Name/lj name: Ashley
Age: 22
How long have you been gf: I believe i'm going on three years.

Why did you decide to go gf: It was recommend to my mother by a friend of hers - who's husband had the same problems as I did. I was sick all the time, and literally for nearly three years every-time I ate I got sick and I spent those years hiding in my bedroom for fear that if i went some where i would get really sick. I had no idea what was wrong. I even went to the doctor several times and ended up getting myself check for celiac, stomach cancer, rips and tears in stomach lining, crohns and several other things and everything came up negative. The doctors had no idea and never even mentioned an elimination diet or that I might possibly just have an intolerance to wheat and gluten.

What are some positive changes you've experienced after going gf: I can leave my house without fear of getting sick. I was a hermit that hid away in my room for three years and now i'm always going somewhere or doing something. Being social is my nature - and I love going to shows, or hanging with friends. I have less anxiety about food and I'm not a victim to my allergy anymore. My body, mind and spirit are flourishing, and it's an amazing feeling!

What are some of the drawbacks you've experienced after going gf: It's kinda annoying to have to explain so much when I go out to eat, or ask a million questions. I don't know a lot of the time I feel more like the annoying one. Either being gluten-free has gotten easier for me, or since i started GF it's become more well known. My friends roll their eyes when we go out to dinner which is frustrating, it's also frustrating to have to tell them a million times that I can't eat that... I take it all with a smile or laugh though. 

Favorite restaurant in TX to get a gf meal: Pei Wei! The have a GF Menu!! One of the biggest sadnesses of going gluten free was realizing I could no longer go to a chinese buffet and shove my face with Orange Chicken. (Though soon after going GF, I looked up a recipe and started making orange chicken on my own and it's better than chinese buffets!) Pei Wei isn't chinese but certainly satisfies my want for asian-chinese-jap food NOW! Because making orange chicken from scratch takes awhile! Recommending the Vietnamese Spring Rolls and Spicy Shrimp! I also really love Boston's Pizza. I've had a cruel battle with GF crust and them turning out horrible. Boston's makes a fantastic tuscan pizza and they even stock a GF beer - Redbridge. ;] As for GF beer I also love stopping by the flying saucer in dallas or ft worth to have a beer. It's a bit pricy but they have two Green's beers. A triple blonde (Green's Quest) and a darker beer (Green's Discovery). They are REALLY good! The gingerman in Ft Worth also carries redbridge. As for fast food, I haven't found much I can eat but I worked at chick-fil-a for a short period and figured out they will grill the nuggets for you and the waffle fries are gluten free. So that's always my fast food stop. That or a grilled chicken salad from sonic.

Do you ever allow yourself to eat gluten for any reason: No, never. I'm very knowledgeable on something before I put it into my mouth. I never want to go back to being scared to leave my house or going through the pain I went through before. Even though sometimes... I could kill for a doughnut. :|

Anything else you'd like to tell us: YAY GF TEXAS! Btw, Sorry it's so long. Haha


[Recipes] Waffles and Blinis (and bread)

Hi there,

As some of  you might know gf food is expensive, not really tasty and, even worse, it still contains gluten... (enough to make me sick...)

So here are 2 recipes that are quite tasty, cheap (especially for the second one) and quick to make.

Those recipes are also good for lactose intolerant.
The second one is ideal for people with egg allergy.

Gluten free pancakes (more of the blinis type) or bread

150 g of rice flour
1dL    of soy milk (or milk if not lactose intolerant)
1 ts    of sugar
1 ts    of gluten free dry yeast
2 ts    of oil 
1        egg

*ts = tea spoon & 1dL is a tenth of a liter or 100 mL*

♦ Warm the milk with the sugar in it, get it off the fire and add the dry yeast (the milk can't be too hot or the yeast won't react well) 
♦ Mix flour and salt in a bowl, add the milk (with sugar and yeast), then add the oil and the egg.
♦ Mix well.
♦ Let rest 20 min in/near a warm place.

♦ You can either cook the dough in a pan (with a little bit of oil) to obtain blinis/pancakes,
or put it in small moulds in the oven for 25 mins at 170°C (then it becomes a type of bread).

Gluten free waffles

It's obvious but you need a waffle iron for this one.
This recipe is done quite quickly and really useful for everyday life

Flour (approx. 100 g)
Sugar (approx. 30 g)
Soy milk (or any milk you like) (approx. 1.5 dl or more)
Gluten free baking powder (approx. 1 tea spoon)
(Not necessary : Vanilla essence or sugar)

♦ Mix the ingredients in the proportions you like, but I recommend a fluid 'dough' so that it is easier to digest.
♦ Put your mix in the waffle iron (the time depends of the waffle iron but for reference I put it in for 3~4 mins.)

If you want it to be closer to bread, you can :

♦ put only one tea spoon of sugar and 1 of salt in your mix
♦ and add sesame seeds

I hope you'll like them~~~

PS : English is not my native language so if it's not understandable, tell me I'll just explain it in another way.


This dish presents beautifully and tastes delicious!!

Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus with Poached Egg

Servings: 2


*8 Asparagus Spears
*8 VERY thin slices of Prosciutto about 1 inch wide and 3 inches long (length just depends on how much of your asparagus you want to wrap.)
*1/4 Cup GF Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Dressing
*2 eggs - Poached
*Shredded Parmesan Cheese for sprinkling.
*Olive Oil


Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
Cut about 1/2 inch off the bottoms of the asparagus.
Place asparagus in large plastic bag. Add Dressing and massage to coat.
Remove asparagus from bag and wrap one piece of prosciutto around each asparagus spear.
Place wrapped spears on cookie sheet. (you may want to add a little Olive oil or non-stick spray to the sheet first)
Cook for about 7 minutes and turn. Prosciutto should be crisping up.
Cook about 5 minutes longer, or until all spears are tender and prosciutto is crisp/browned.

While asparagus is in the oven, use your favorite method poach your eggs, making sure you leave the yolks a little runny. (If you're not a poacher, simply make over-medium fried eggs.)

When removing eggs from pot, place on paper towel to soak up excess water.

When asparagus and eggs are cooked through, place half of your wrapped spears close together on a plate. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and top with poached egg.



Sweet Potato Frittata

 Sweet Potato Frittata

You will need:
  • 1 Sweet potato (medium sized)
  • 200 grams Feta cheese
  • 5-6 eggs (the amount of eggs varies depending on the size of potato used)
  • Oil
  • Salt & Pepper (if you desire)

How to make:
  • Peel potato and cut into half a centimeter slices.
  • Place slices roughly on a greased baking tray and drizzle with oil, add salt and pepper if you like, and move the oil over the potatoes with your hands. (not sure if that makes sense to anyone haha)
  • Bake in oven until potatoes are soft / easy to stab with a fork.
  • Take them out, and layer half in an oiled (but not on) frying pan.
  • Crumble half of the feta cheese over the potato in the frying pan.
  • Repeat above two steps with the other potato and feta.
  • Place eggs in a jug / small mix bowl (add salt, pepper or herbs is desired) and whisk until beaten.
  • Place frying pan over heat now and then add the whisked eggs evening over the potato and feta.
  • Cook until the egg starts coming away from the edges of the frying pan (this means the base is cooked).
  • Then place under the grill to finish cooking the egg on top and you're done.

I like to keep a little feta to add on top before placing under the grill :)  This goes great as a side with most dishes, or it can be eaten as the main meal with a salad or something!  It's super yummy.