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Long time no post, but I'm back with another gluten-free recipe, this time with another variation on the quesadillas I think I posted quite a while ago (can't remember, yay for memory problems ^^;; ). Not only is this great for celiacs but also safe for peeps like me who have migraine allergies too!

You will need:

-- Olive oil
-- GF corn tortillas (check the international food isle)
-- Daiya non-dairy cheddar flavor cheese slices
-- Table mustard (like French's or store brand, as long as it's safe)

Oil a skillet or frying pan with olive oil, and put down the bottom layer of tortillas in the pan. Break up some of the cheese so that it goes further (a whole slice at a time is way too much because it will ooze all over, plus that stuff is expensive) and place it on the tortillas. When the cheese is all down, I turn the burner on low-medium to medium heat.

For the covering tortillas, spread a layer of mustard, as much as you like or think you will like (feel free to experiment) and then plop that mustard-side down on top of the quesadillas.

I can usually fit four quesadillas at a time on my square skillet. Fry them one side until done, press down on them with a spatula to be sure the cheese is sticking, then flip them over and fry till done. Very quick, about 2 mins per side depending on the heat of your stove.

NOTE: The cheese/mustard mixture inside the quesadillas will be *very* hot, so keep that in mind, especially if you're serving these to children. Might want to let the quesadillas rest a bit, or make sure the kids know the food's quite hot.

Pics for reference:

Quesadillas mid-stage, showing how I broke up the cheese and about how much mustard I personally like to spread on the other side.

Flipped over, almost nomming time!

Further thoughts:

The end result reminds me of grilled cheese sandwiches, sooo yummeh. I can't recommend the other Daiya cheese flavors, though if you only have a choice between Provolone and Swiss if you can find it at all, get Provolone. As for Swiss, it's debatable which is worse... that flavor or never eating a cheese substitute again. ^^;;

You *can* use Daiya shredded cheese version if you don't have migraine allergies; the citric acid in the shreds will trigger migraines but the slice version doesn't have it... which may be because I actually had a long email convo with one of their peeps, and while the shreds didn't change, this new migraine-safe slice product came out. O.o It's worth noting if you have a corn allergy that the citric acid in the shreds comes from corn, apparently... but then, you wouldn't be using corn tortillas in this recipe either (there are rice ones at some health food stores and possibly even grocery stores now if you get really lucky).

And remember, you can jump off this recipe and create your own flavor combinations. Spices that go well with this mustard version would be garlic powder and paprika, or toss out the mustard entirely and do garlic powder, paprika, basil, and oregano for a "fake pizza" spin. Happy nomming!


TxLC GF menu comments

I went to Texas Land and Cattle yesterday and had a sad realization..

their butter, sour cream, cheese, and seasonings are ALL marked as NOT GF

they do have  GF menu, however. Yay to that.

how can a steak restaurant have SO MUCH gluten?!   Is this just them being careful, or are they really buying gluten-containing CHEESE?!
how does that happen..? 

I'm fine with dry steak and dry broccoli, but i'll be going to Outback if i have the choice... =\  ( yay brownies! )


Name: adminbear 
Age: 56
City: San Antonio, TX

Can't really claim to be gluten free, I'm researching as to whether this might be what's bothering me.  I've noticed that when I go without, bread products for example, I'm a much happier camper.

I'd like to read other's experiences and see if this is a major lifestyle change I'd like/need to make.


Product Review: Luna Protein Bar

First of all, I've got to give a shout-out to getmeoutofhere  -- I had no idea that Luna Bar had come out with a line of high-protein bars, let alone that two of the flavors were gluten-free. She noticed and sent me an email with a link to let me know.

I've been on the lookout ever since, and finally this weekend I spotted them in a store, so I picked up one each of the two gluten-free flavors. (Chocolate and Chocolate Mint are currently gluten-free, and apparently the other flavors will be gluten-free sometime in April.)

I just had the Chocolate. Oh. My. God. It was perfection. Perfection in a little bar.

Now keep in mind, I don't have a lot of comparators. I eat a lot of KIND bars and Larabars, but those are just yummy and nutritious -- the protein content in those is negligible. They do not count as Protein Bars.

The only gluten-free protein bars that I had found to date are Revival Soy protein bars (too big, overly chewy, and the soy leaves a weird aftertaste) and Think Thin bars (really dense and dry, tends to sit in the stomach like a rock, flavor is mediocre-to-good but that fact tends to get drowned out by the fact that it's a brick).

So I kind of figured that I wasn't going to be eating protein bars, despite the fact that I'm supposed to be maximizing my protein intake whenever possible. It wasn't an ideal state of things, but what could I do? But then the Luna Bar! OH!

So this Luna Protein Bar, it was a bit smaller than a Snickers bar (perfect size!). I took a bite, it tasted like chocolate nougat with mini chocolate chips in it. Not dry, not dense, just enough chew to be satisfying without being too much. Taste is amazing. I found myself slowing down and taking tiny bites the way I do with regular chocolate (it prolongs my enjoyment of the taste experience). And when it was gone, I felt no longer hungry -- not overstuffed and not like I had any kind of boulder in my midsection.

The stats aren't super-awesome -- it was 12 grams of protein for 170 calories. But given that it's about one million percent better than my only other protein bar choices on the market? Just go ahead and back that LunaBar truck right on up to my living room, thankyouverymuch.
Hopefully this makes sense, as I'm tired as heck but if I don't post this I'll most likely forget, so here we go! I am notorious for not measuring, so this is more of a guide that is meant to be taken to the kitchen for self-experimentation. That's how I do it. ^_^ Whatever you end up making out of this, it should be just as yummy. XD

- marshmallow fluff
- carob powder*
- dried coconut shreds / flakes
- powdered sugar

* if you want a chocolate version (I'm allergic, hence the carob), hot chocolate or cocoa powder should probably work just fine instead

Combine the carob powder, coconut, and powdered sugar in a bowl, and how much you use partly depends on taste and on how much candy you want to get out of this (a test run is the best way to figure that out). Spoon in the marshmallow fluff, use as much as you want; the less you use, the less sticky the mixture will be. If you use a lot and want to de-sticky the mixture, add more powdered sugar. It will still be somewhat sticky by the end anyways, you want that so that it does stay together. If you want it super-sticky, make it so and either continue on or break off from the recipe here to do whatever you want with it, it has potential for a lot of uses. ^_^

Put a little extra powdered sugar in a bowl or on a plate, and use it like flour on your palms and fingers so you can work with the candy mixture more easily. You will have to keep putting more powdered sugar on your hands as you go. Take small sections of the candy mixture and roll them into balls or any other shape you want to make. Set them slightly-separated on wax paper on a plate or cookie sheet. When done, put the whole thing into the fridge and refrigerate until nicely set so that you can transfer them to something more storage-friendly. Keep refridgerated.

And there we have it! Hopefully that's clear enough considering the total lack of measurements... and I hope I haven't forgotten anything. Technically it's pretty easy, just yes, sticky, and you may want to work the mixture with your hands when trying to get the fluff to mix with the dry ingredients. You can slowly work the stuff in just by turning the fluff over and over and pressing it down into the dry stuff each time. Less sticky for fingers that way (although licking them is a nice treat!) but it takes longer.

The flavor combination is inspired by lamingtons, something I miss from living in Australia eons ago. This carob version with so much other sugar and the coconut involved really does taste like chocolate, at least to me, but then I do know my tastebuds have shifted a bit since it's been some 13 years now since I was able to properly enjoy chocolate. ^^;; Ah well. Good new recipe of yum. <3 Too good. Honestly, this stuff is addictive. XD

Dec. 31st, 2010

Name: Matt
Age: 40
How long have you been gf: about 2 years. It's helped me a lot but my digestive system still seems messed up.

Why did you decide to go gf: Basically, I'd had a real bad stomach since I was 16 when I began to lose weight and have been ill since. When all this began to happen I went to see my doctor but he said it was nothing. So basically my life's been on hold for 20-odd years... haven't been able to keep a job, study, or have a relationship. I also began getting horrible little blisters all over my hands at this time but put them down to eczema. Then about 3 years ago mum was diagnosed as coeliac (as were 2 of my aunts on both sides of the family) and so I began reading up on it and found I had every single symptom. I changed my diet and things slowly began to improve.

What are some positive changes you've experienced after going gf: I feel a little less depressed and have a little more energy. I don't have to visit the loo every couple of hours. My blisters have completely disappeared after 25 years. My head feels slightly more clear and I started a foundation art course and hope to go to university. A bit late at 40 but there's till time!

What are some of the drawbacks you've experienced after going gf: Not being able to eat out or get a take-away--even the places which claim to offer a GF option don't, on closer inspection, understand that separate plates, pans, cutlery etc must be used and washed separately. Also GF food is more expensive.

Favorite restaurant in TX to get a gf meal: Hmm. Maybe one day I can find out. I've been stuck in England all my life! Haven't found anywhere near me that's safe.

Do you ever allow yourself to eat gluten for any reason: I can't! If I did I'd be too ill. I seem to be hyper sensitive and immediately after injestion of the tiniest amount I come out in blisters and suffer a bad tummy and feel totally wiped out :(

Anything else you'd like to tell us: I just hope my gut can heal after having such severe symptoms for so long. I'm still pretty bad and have had to cut out diary too. I sometimes feel angry thinking about all the experiences I've missed out on. I've been labelled lazy and useless and this has made me feel kinda bitter towards people and I have a million hang-ups and pretty low confidence. On the plus side it's kept me thin and relatively young looking for my age, hah! Happy new year to everyone :D


Udi's Bagels...

Are the best bread like gluten free substance I've found. They are AMAZING. Plus, they make all kinds of muffins that are delish with amazing texture. They are old-school artisan bakers!


Hey all, I'm looking for a good bread recipe.  Specifically something that would work well as a sandwich bread.  I have one recipe that I've used for a while, but it's completely bland, doesn't have a particularly pleasing texture, and in pretty much all respects leaves something to be desired. 

I don't know if this is too much to ask for, but I'd prefer something that doesn't have any bean flour in.

Any suggestions?

'Tis the Season for Wheat and Corn Syrup

One of these days I'll figure out cross-posting. But in the meantime, I did a post about being wheat and corn free during the holiday season on my journal, over here.


Eating at other People's Homes

Hubby and I spent this past weekend with my in laws, and on Saturday went to his grandparent's house for a Christmas dinner/family gift opening celebration. I had emailed with his grandmother earlier in the week to see what food she would be making/buying so that I could advise her as to how to make the meal suitable for me.

I have gone over there once when I was told to bring my own food, and I felt very isolated as I ate my heated up frozen meal and everyone else enjoyed their delicious feast. I told my hubby that if they were inviting us over for a meal, it was only fair they include me and that I would not go over there for a meal again and bring my own food, because it felt so uncomfortable.

Now I am more than willing to provide any recipes, advice, and answer any questions as to how to make a gluten free meal, and I am also willing to bring a small dish (side dish, dessert, ect.). However I am not willing to bring my entire meal (entree, sides, ect.) when no one else is doing so.

Anyways, at this gathering my hubby's aunt and uncle were the ones who ended up volunteering to make the main course and salad, so I emailed them and told them how to make the meal gluten free and they were more than happy to do it. Once we were there though, his grandmother pulled me aside and basically said that while she was happy to help me with gluten free, it was a big imposition on her and she would like me to bring my own food in the future. She is under a lot of stress right now so I didn't really say much about that but did tell Hubby about it later and reminded him that I don't feel like being treated like the 'weird one'. He agreed.

How do you all feel about this? When you're invited as a dinner guest do you expect to be served food and be treated like the other guests? Do you find this attitude that you as the one with the allergy must bring all of your own food rude? Or do you not mind bringing your own entire meal separate from everyone else?